Welded stairs


Interior & Exterior Welded Stair Design


Stainless Railing Work

Interior or Exterior Stair Design should capture a unique presence that is superior to the stairs' surroundings.

The architectural talent of Gary Perraults is on display in this section.








Wrought Iron Railing Work

Whether you select a regular stair design or a circular steel stairway design, you have found the right company for your project.

Pearl's Welding specializes in everything that involves a stair project.










Stairwell Supports


Supports for Metal Stairs an Stairwells

Stairwell Supports are a key component to the sturdy architectural stability and design of your building and stairways. Each of our supports is mechanically engineered first with a huge emphasis added toward the aesthetic design.






Interior Stairs


The interior design of your stairs should always be a focal point for any interior design project. We are able to custom design & fabricate any design from any era. We are a contemporary metal design company with a sensible approach to historic structural steel designs. Our design is to set your interior stairwell apart from the surroundings in the most attractive way.











Exterior Stairwell


Pearls Welding is able to custom fabricate any residential, commercial or industrial staircase. The unique perspective of each exterior stairwell is in the design and application of its metal fabrication. We are able to meet any customers' needs. We bring with us over 30 years of experience with designs ranging from fancy curved stairs to custom welded stairs that lead to a steel porch. Our goal is for perfection and a job well done. A job is not done right unless it will be appreciated for generations to come.


Attic Stairs

Attics tend to be places with a unique perspective. Attics generally are places reserved for storage and old belongings. Our goal is to open up the path of these storage areas with a customized design that makes your space the most useful. Perhaps your project entails the need for a confining stairwell. We are able to accommodate each individual space that leads to your attic stair space.


Basement Stairs

Basements can be very creative areas to work with. The space leading to these areas can be steep and confining. Our custom staircases have traditionally led to recreational rooms, home theaters, personal gyms, libraries, spare bedrooms and many other functional living areas. It is important to make the entry area into any basement as inviting as possible. Our customers can sit back and relax and leave the worry to a true professional. Give us a call today!

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